इसलिए होता है लड़की-लड़के का ब्रेकअप| Reasons For Breakup


5. Less Communication

In a country like India, it’s still hard for guardians to accept their ward’s love affairs. At such initial stage hiding everything from their parents is the major objective. Hence, they avoid contacts at home.

6. Trust Issues

At this stage of life either people trust too much or not at all. A single lie by either of the partners leads a questioning on the trust and the bond that they share. They fail to handle even small arguments and split up.

With the little knowledge that they have, they mix up reality with their fantasy tales and create trouble for themselves. And results in breakup.

High school love is sweet yet cruel. All they need is some moral support and adult advice. Also, they must be taught that this isn’t the end, their life has just begun and a bright future is waiting ahead for them.

share it with all the teenagers you know and many others too.


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