इसलिए होता है लड़की-लड़के का ब्रेकअप| Reasons For Breakup


Welcome to Humor Nation. Teenage itself is a box of surprises. Its the age when those young kids step out of their wonderland looking forward to the reality, the world holds for them. With the little knowledge that they have, they mix up reality with their fantasy tales and create trouble for themselves. And results in breakup.

High school love stories are actually cute to see but rarely lasts, leaving those kids heartbroken, depressed and troubled.

let’s take a look at these 10 major reasons for teenage love failures

1. Quick Seriousness

Kids get serious about everything they see. They are just too stubborn to accept negative facts. This quick seriousness results in issues at a later stage.

2. Expectations

Expectations differentiate with time and the end is -divergence. In fulfillment of these expectations is what makes them question about their love and relationship.

3. Financial Issues

The young kids have no source of income except the little pocket money their parents gift them monthly. This creates money-related problems and they sort of theft and such activities.

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4. Lack Of Maturity

Teenage is just a fantasy period. Kids at this age lack maturity resulting lack of mutual understanding and bring obstacles to their relation.


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