5 Real Life Mad Scientists And The Crazy Things He Did


Welcome to Xossip! Where I break down the world into brilliant top five. So just relax, sit back and let me entertain you. First off we want to hear from you guys when you hear the word mad scientist what comes to mind do you think of Emmett Brown Dr., Farnsworth, Dr. Frankenstein, Dexter’s Laboratory. let me know in the comments down below okay let’s jump into our list top, real-life mad scientists.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Real Life Mad Scientists And The Crazy Things He Did

5. William Buckland

This guy was trying to be Hannibal Lecter. Now if you were in any way shape or form a dinosaur fanatic, you’d think this guy was pretty cool. He’s the first person on earth to pen a complete description of the fossilized dinosaur that was the Megalosaurus, but in his spare time, he was a madman with a sickening appetite. He ate hedgehogs, Panthers, drank bat urine and when he got his hands on the shrunken head of King Louie IIV head, well he ate that.

4. Jose Delgado

Jose, who had a thing for mind control. Now how does one control other’s minds, through the creation and insertion of electrode implants? He wired up all sorts of animals and then used remote operating vehicle frequencies to control the regression. So convinced he had everything figured out he performed this operation on a bull and then jumped into a ring with it remote in the head and he stopped the thing right in its tracks. After that, he had 25 people convinced to allow him to experiment on them. These are his words we must electronically control the brain someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.

3. Sergei Brukhonenko

This guy’s dogs worst friend now Sergei worked hard towards advancements in open-heart surgery. The problem was he liked working on things that were still alive a little too much in one experiment he removed a canines head but kept it alive through an air and blood apparatus and the dog was like I don’t want to play fetch, I want to do nothing, I’m gonna be in Mars Attacks. Another time he drained the blood out of a dog pronounced the dead and then brought it back to life.

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2. Nikola Tesla

We’re not producing bolts of artificial lightning that measured up to feet long Telsa worked on inventions such as particle guns that he believed might bring down tens of thousands of airplanes and speak of antigravity flying machines, pretty remarkable stuff. But then the dude went benched crazy he spoke of having an encounter with extraterrestrials and made it very public following that he revealed to the world that he had fallen head over heels in love with a pigeon, and he believed the feelings were mutual.

1. Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov

5 Real Life Mad Scientists And The Crazy Things He Did

This guy he wanted Planet of the Apes to be a real life thing. This guy was a biologist famous for making animal hybrids he once mixed together a cow and an antelope and it was a successful crossbreed. He was ordered by Stalin to create a super race of slave apemen hybrids who would serve communist Russia and taken over the world. The man did what he could working with the petri dish, he got a bit of a peak out of it a man mixed it together, but when that didn’t work he went up to the military he went up to Stalin and said, hey can I just do it the old-fashioned way. He got some women, he got some Apes and that’s what he was doing.


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