5 Famous Celebrities Who Contracted HIV


Welcome to Xossip. Charlie Sheen has just revealed to the world that he contracted HIV four years ago back in 2011. And he’s been living with this secret for a long time we wish him all the best in his future for his family, health, and happiness. Let’s jump into the top five celebrities diagnosed HIV positive and this list is in no particular order.

5. Eazy-E

5 Famous Celebrities Who Contracted HIV

First up in the number five spot we got Eazy-E who founded ruthless records and a member of NWA. He died of aids related complications in just one short month after realizing he had contracted the virus. He married his wife Tameka right just days before he passed away.

4. Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury, he was the frontman for the legendary rock group Queen and he sadly passed away on November 24th, 1991 no there have been speculations surrounding his health at his deteriorating image in the years leading up to his passing in April of 1992 the remaining members of Queen founded the Mercury Phoenix trust and organized the Freddie Mercury tribute concert and AIDS awareness. They celebrated the legacy of musician and this concert will be brought in millions of dollars for AIDS research.

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3. Danny Pintauro

Former child star Danny Pinero told Oprah in September of 2015 that he had been living with HIV for 12 years. He had one you share this news for the world for some time but he wasn’t ready finally he felt ready he added that he was doing crystal meth at the time of his diagnosis. He’s now married to partner Will Tim Barris and the two of them will their HIV activists.

2. Magic Johnson

The former NBA player Earvin Magic Johnson announced in 1991 that he was diagnosed with HIV. He created the Magic Johnson Foundation to help combat HIV and raise awareness about the virus. Now for a long time people were so saving HIV strictly with drunk users and the homo population and Magic Johnson set out to change all that working with his awareness group. He went on to show people that discreet nation against people who have HIV and AIDS is absolutely wrong.

1. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen announced on November 2015 that he was HIV positive the actor revealed he was diagnosed about four years earlier. In the years prior to this big reveal Charlie Sheen had a very public meltdown after he was let go from the show Two and a Half Men, he had it out with the creator Chuck Lorne and then he went on a North American tour and was absolutely everywhere. He had the catchphrase winning and tiger blood, and now we realized what action was going on with his blood. Now Charlie stated that he informed those around him including his ex-wives and participated in protected and unprotected physical relations with partners who were aware of his condition.


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