10 Infamous Facts About The Kardashians We Bet You Didn’t Know


Welcome to Xossip. Hello people, the family that’s omnipresent Kardashian-Jenner blended family is what we are here to talk about. Our news and Instagram feeds are ruled by this family as a binge watcher of Keeping Up with the Kardashians you must be thinking you know everything about them. We would like to tell you that you are mistaken my friend you still got to need some secrets of the family to be fully equipped with knowledge about the blended family

Here are infamous facts about the Kardashians we bet you didn’t know

1. Homeschooling runs in the family the fact that all three sisters went to an all-girls Roman Catholic school in LA is known to everyone but the fact that Khloe then opted for homeschooling is not known to many she did that because of her less popularity among students as compared to her other two sisters and she didn’t even have enough friends there well it all worked out for the best as she graduated early and that too with honors Kendall also followed her big sister and ended up opting for homeschooling while she was pursuing modeling and did you know due to this fact they never got to attend a prom ever Courtney is a mother to three children and she has decided the same for her own children Mason the eldest son of Courtney is also being homeschooled instead of attending an actual school.

10 Infamous Facts About The Kardashians We Bet You Didn't Know

2. Some really weird things about Kim this stuff is not really something that’s hidden but not everyone is aware of this Kim has a habit of sleeping with her eyes slightly open that sounds scary to us another interesting talent of this multi-talented person is that she knows the alphabet in sign language she is weird in the sense that she hates the most basic things such as chalkboard and the sound Starbucks leaves make when you take it off so the solutions she came up with is that she has someone take it off for her that is some effed up shite.

3. Divorce affects every child if you have watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians then you must be knowing Courtney as a more of a practical and less emotional person you might have never seen her crying or getting the emotional camera and know her mainly for her humor unlike her image she is an emotional person and took her parents divorce really hard back in when she was just years old made her go in a period of mourning and some even say that she were black for the next five years to represent her grief that must have been really effed up.

4. Testing friends Kim is one of those who knows how to test her friends as we can’t trust a lot of people in this era we got to keep only special ones close to us personal information about such a known family is not such a private thing everyone knows everything about them thanks to the paparazzi so to figure out which of her friends are loyal to her she sent n pictures of random babies when her first child Northwest was born to see who leaked it out to the press and guess what surprise surprise the pictures appeared in the media this trick helped her know the disloyal of her so-called friends and that surely makes her really dope another dope thing she did was saying that she used to have sex times a day to conceive her second child with Kanye.

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5. Regular sister things yes they are America’s most known family and are among the richest as well but all the wealth doesn’t come between and makes any difference to the sisters and they are like most sisters are for Kourtney and Kim Khloe is more like their mother as she scolds them and keeps an eye on them every now and then another thing that makes common people relate to them is that even they steal each other’s clothes and footwear Kendall and Chloe have the same shoe size and Kendall often raids Chloe’s closet for new shoes in true annoying little sister style.

6. Accident-prone Khloe’s head injury is one of the most known ones but the injury cases are not limited to that there is a list of events when the family has been in a situation of accident quite a few times Kris the reason Kardashian family exists crash the harley-davidson her ex-husband Bruce Jenner gifted her for Christmas the weirdness of this family is never-ending Courtney’s fear of spiders is also one of them she stopped going to her bathroom for two months when she found one in there weird stuff talking about the accident saga the driving skills of Kylie are similar to her mother weeks after getting her license she crashed her car and was thankfully uninjured she didn’t stop showing off her skills there after a few months she got ticketed for speeding also Kourtney broke her collarbone when she was just five ouch

7. Chloe wasn’t allowed to give a speech on her sister Kim’s wedding Kim married Kanye on the th of May and has been going strong since the wedding was a big affair and was one of the most talked-about weddings what is the weird part about this wedding is that Chloe the eldest of the sisters was banned from giving a speech on her wedding day no the reason was not a fight as all the sisters are really close to each other but a legit reason that saved a lot of time of the people attending the event she ends up rambling stuff and doesn’t know where to end so the mic was not handed over to her although the time saved from Chloe’s speech was taken up by Kanye as he talked for about minutes.

8. Pajamas Christmas party the tradition Kardashians follow religiously every year is that they get in their comfiest and matching pajamas on Christmas and they open presents together that’s the sweetest thing we have heard in the longest time about this oh so famous family all the pajamas are given to them by their mother a night before as she is the one hosting all the fun since the last years that’s one heck of a tradition.

9. OCD runs in the family some of the Kardashians claim to suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder I say what yeah Kris Jenner is known to have OCD about her surroundings meanwhile Kourtney is obsessed with the alignment of contents of her fridge Kim has also revealed about her state of OCD despite having a cleaner she apparently double cleans everything herself and she has her food delivered in special individualized freezer bags which she orders in her fridge she claims that she can’t take a bath unless the bathroom was absolutely clean in short she is obsessive about everything to be immaculate that is cleanliness to the next level.

10. Blowing up the jewelry well not literally but this one sounded weird to us Kim has this weird habit of blowing her jewelry hot by her blow dryer before wearing as she can’t wear cold jewelry unfortunately not all of us mortals can afford to do this all the time did you know about her cameo and HIMYM it might just be a five seconds but it is worth a mention also a strange fact to know about this family is that despite all the glitz and glamour the name Kardashian actually means son of a stonemason well we are sorry for losing track but we couldn’t resist ourselves from sharing these weird facts.


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